Artist's Statement

  I was born in Kansas and moved to Southern California with my family as a child.  My interest in making art started when I was very young – I created a world with my art and treasured it, always drawing and painting. As a young adult I spent time living in New York City and Northern Arizona which were both inspirational and educational places to be as I learned more about creating.  In N.Y.C. I enjoyed looking at the works of artists I admired, such as Klee, O’Keeffe, Kandinsky and the Fauves.I was influenced by the Native American cultures in Arizona and spent a considerable amount of time exploring ancient ruins, Navaho and Hopi arts and crafts and the desert landscape. Subsequently I moved to the Northern California coast, inspired by the ocean and windswept coast I had always yearned for.  Since 1979 I have lived and worked in Anacortes,Washington, where again the influence of place has shaped much of my work as a painter. The cool and moody landscape with infinite shades of grey and the power of mountain ranges, water and emerald islands has provided a wonderful home base for creating art. Here I found an environment well suited to deepening my practice of painting.
My work is often a direct reaction to the landscape whether at home or traveling. I am looking for emotion and spirit in the physicality of paint.  Color often comes first before the composition is formed and my process is highly intuitive.  The more abstract pieces often have a basis in landscape but I am looking more deeply into subconscious expressive images.  I work with various media – experimenting often and following the path each painting wants to take. After I learn how materials work I feel that one of the main tasks is to get out of the way and let the nature of the work come without a lot of thinking.  I rarely plan images although I do tend to work in series with one piece leading to the next. I have been fortunate to travel and gather more impressions to work with, from things such as ancient walls in France or pine-fired pottery in Japan.
On a quest to find the essential elements in each painting, with surprises along the way, I am grateful for this life of creativity. There remains so much to discover.

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