Teri Silva's Crow and photos of oils


With this blog I will be sending news about Anne Martin McCool Gallery,notes on painting and goings on in Anacortes Washington. Who knows what else? Maybe I'll get creative as it goes along!

The gallery was established in 2001 in Old Town Anacortes. It began as a signature gallery for my paintings and prints and then became a showcase for a variety of regional fine crafts artists.
The gallery combines a working studio with a casual show space. When I work in the gallery I'm usually at my painting table working on a variety of small paintings. I have another studio where the large canvases are created.
The gallery features Art Jewelry designed by:
Debbie Aldrich, Carole Cunningham and Kathleen Faulkner
We also have turned wood bowls by Dick Jacobson and glass art by William Tottenham and Alison Brubaker.
Well known clay artist Teri Silva shows her stoneware sculpures and sager fired vessels.
She continues to intrigue her many followers with her variety of crows with vessels and surprising settings.
We show guest artists at some times in the year and works by Julie Higgins, Cathy Schoenberg and Rebecca Hyland.
My own work is both absract and semi-representational and I paint in watercolor acrylic and oil.


Unknown said...

Hi Mom! Good for you for starting a blog - it looks great!

gjdustin said...

Your blog site looks great!
But always remember Anne,
Technology is a lie, Wine is truth!